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Hello! This is a mixed blog, covering topics such as life, literature, technology, etc.

I am Man Wu, and you can find my portfolio at


Hello, stranger! I am Man Wu, nice to meet you.

A brief introduction about myself: I am socially anxious/introverted, sensitive, and idealistic. My MBTI type is INFP, but MBTI is just a reference and individual situations can be complex. I like to daydream, get distracted, and contemplate on imaginative things, sometimes writing them down. I can be insecure, arrogant, optimistic, or pessimistic at times. Overall, I am willing to meet people from all over the world. You can contact me through Twitter and Telegram.

I have been interested in computers since a young age, so I self-taught myself C language and Linux. Later, I got to know some classmates, such as MrWillCom, which gave me some understanding of front-end development. In my free time, I like to work on open-source projects or hang out on GitHub, such as developing an Android application during middle school called DailyNotes, and participating in translating project documents. Currently, I am a high school student and the technical advisor of the school, responsible for maintaining some selection systems like HSEFZ-club-selection. After high school, I will focus on studying OI (Olympiad in Informatics) and have achieved some awards. I also have a research project, where I have gained preliminary understanding of AI and may pursue related work in the future.

I consider myself quite artistic, and some people say so too. When I have nothing to do, I like to read literary books or technical literature, and I have also tried writing poetry and prose. As for novels, I haven't come up with any good plots. I also enjoy photography and always bring a camera when I go on trips. I have learned to use some design/editing software and directed a music video for my middle school graduation. One of my dreams is to make short films. When I want to relax, I enjoy listening to music, ranging from classical, J-Pop, international pop, rock, to electronic. I like artists such as Yorushika, YOASOBI, and Zutto Mayonaka de Iinoni. I can play the guitar, but my skills are average. I believe I have some talent for languages and I am currently learning Japanese and Spanish. I am also preparing for the TOEFL exam. Overall, I am not a fan of sports, but sometimes I do go out for a bike ride.


My main technology stack includes:

  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Android
  • Swift
  • Python

I use macOS > (Arch) Linux > Windows. However, for gaming and work-life balance, I still have to use Windows.

About xLog#

I accidentally discovered xLog, "An open-source creative community written on the blockchain." This is an open-source, decentralized, blockchain-based creative community.

I plan to migrate some of my articles to this platform, while the original blog will continue to be updated.

Ownership of this page data is guaranteed by blockchain and smart contracts to the creator alone.